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Three Tips That Will Help You Editing Your Novel

After writing down your novel, a very important step follows – editing your novel. Here below you can find 3 helpful tips that will help you in the process.


If you have been concentrating on the same text for too long, you might have trouble making out details in your text that need to be changed to create a harmonic novel plot.

Put your novel down and concentrate on something different. By doing so, you can build up the required distance and can find mistakes that otherwise you would have not seen.


Begin by having a closer look at your characters and the plot, only after this step head on to the language.

If you already concentrate on details such as words that repeatedly appear or misplacements in sentences, you can lose focus on a harmonic plot and you will only make the process slower.

As soon as you are happy with the content of the book, you can focus on the language.


When the plot, the characters and the language of your book are complete, you can move on to the noncreative part of the editing process – checking the spelling of your book.

We suggest you to read the book word by word from the end to the beginning.

Our brain automatically tries to correct words, adding missing letters and removing letters that are not in place by focusing on the context – in this way a lot of mistakes are overlooked.

By reading the book starting from the end, you will take words out of context and find mistakes more easily.

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