Das Bild zeigt unterschiedliche Cover Artworks

The Importance of a Cover Artwork

In today’s digital world, where people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, first impressions are crucial. Cover artwork plays an essential role in this context, as it is often…

ISRC and ISWC: An Explanation for Music Lovers

An important aspect of the music industry is the unique identification of musical works and recordings. Learn more about the difference between ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) and ISWC (International…

Copyright Terms in the Music Industry

In the following article you can find the explaining of the most important copyright terms in the music industry. 1. Copyright Copyright – The legal right to decide on the…
Das Bild zeigt die KI in der Musikindustrie in Form einer wellenartigen Struktur.

The Added Value of AI in the Music Industry

With the increasing availability of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the music industry, there is an opportunity to save a lot of work and streamline various processes. You can use them…
YouTube Musik ist ein Musik-Streaming-Dienst, der es ermöglicht, Musik zu streamen und herunterzuladen.

YouTube Music as a Streaming Service

What´s Behind YouTube Music? YouTube has become one of the most popular online platforms for music in recent years. With the launch of YouTube Music, the company also has its…
Spotify Discovery Mode kann den Personalisierungsalgorithmus in ausgewählten personalisierten Bereichen beeinflussen.

Spotify Discovery Mode – How Do I Get Access?

We would like to introduce you to Spotify’s marketing tool, Discovery Mode. As a Feiyr user, you can take advantage of this feature provided by Spotify. Discovery Mode in Spotify…
Das Konzept des Waterfall Release wird symbolisiert.

Waterfall Release with

Did you know that with Feiyr you can easily release your album using the waterfall strategy? But what is a waterfall release? It means that you don’t release new songs…
Vermarkte dich und deine Musik mit Instagram!

Marketing yourself on Instagram

Do you make music but have no idea how to get it heard?We’ve got some tips on how to use Instagram to increase your reach. 1. Active use As with…

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