Career Guide for Hobby Musicians and Newcomers

Everybody starts small… also musicians. If you want to evolve from a hobby musician to a professional, we have some tips for you, which you should consider at the start of your music career. Networking As in every branch, networking and making new contacts is one of the most important things. That applies not only…

The Perfect Time for a Press Release & Social Media

We all want more attention and reach in the digital and analog world. But how does one archive that? And, above all, when? There are days in the year that are particularly interesting for you and your project to reach the full potential. Use Awareness Days and Commemoration Days Each year there are many awareness…
a group of young people taking a selfie for instagram

Top 6 Tips for Musicians on Instagram

If you want to be successful these days, you can hardly avoid social media. Instagram, in particular, is growing and growing and is, therefore, a great opportunity for online marketing. Why? You can stay in contact with your followers directly, you don’t need expensive equipment and you can present yourself as “real” person. At Instagram you…
Notebook on a desk with opened cutting program, a drone, big lense and camera

Content Strategies for Your Youtube Channel

Behind every successful YouTube channel is a concept and a strategy. In addition to the appearance and content of your videos, the frequency of your postings plays a very important role. Basically, a distinction is made between three different content strategies. 1. Hygiene Content It refers to videos that satisfy a specific need and usually…
woman subscribing to a youtube channel

How to Get More YouTube Subscribers – Instantly!

Today, we have a little trick for you on how to easily get new YouTube subscribers – instantly! Edit the Link to Your Youtube Channel Add this extension to your channel link: ?sub_confirmation=1 Then the link looks like this: Shorten the Link The link is now relatively long, but optionally you can shorten it…
Planung von Promotion Aktion am Laptop

Promotion & Online Marketing Tips for Authors and Musicians

If you are a musician or author who does online marketing activities, you can’t get around Social Media if you want to promote your latest release. Feiyr offers you a great range of promotion tools and we constantly develop new ones, so your marketing is always state of the art. Today we will show you…
woman listening to music on spotify via headphones

The Best Tips 2018 – How to Make Money on Spotify

For the past years, Spotify has been a huge part of the music industrie. Almost 200 million people use the streaming service worldwide, which makes Spotify one of the biggest players in the music industry. But that is not a reason for the giant to take it easy, just the opposite. Spotify develops more and…
optimize your youtube channel

5 Tips to Optimize Your Youtube Channel

You can read our 5 tips to optimize your own YouTube channel here, in order for you to get more views, clicks and subscribers: 1. Channel Banner The header graphic gives your channel banner a visual framework and helps you building your own brand. You can use your banner to give your viewer a first…

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