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5 Tips to Optimize Your Youtube Channel

You can read our 5 tips to optimize your own YouTube channel here, in order for you to get more views, clicks and subscribers:

1. Channel Banner

The header graphic gives your channel banner a visual framework and helps you building your own brand. You can use your banner to give your viewer a first impression, so they know what to expect from your videos.

The picture should be relatable to your channel. The best size is 2,560 x 1,440 px and the file size shouldn’t be larger than 6 MB. Also make sure that the banner is displayed correctly on all devices. Furthermore you can use your banner to point out your upload schedule.

In the right top corner is the social bar. This is where you should link your social media channels.

2. Channel Symbol

Your channel logo will be shown on your channel itself, but it is also used on the video landing pages as your channel icon. Therefore the channel symbol should be unique and easy to recognize. If you haven’t uploaded a picture, the standard picture of your google account will be used.

You can adjust the picture in the settings. The best size to upload is 800 x 800 px.

3. Channel Name

Your YouTube channel name should be short with a high recognition value.

If you haven’t picked a certain channel name, it will be automatically generated from your gmail address. You can also change the name in the settings.

4. Channel Information

Some information will be automatically displayed in the channel information, such as subscribers, views and date of accession. But you should also enter a detailed description of your channel, your upload times and a contact address.

Below you have the possibility to refer to your other social media channels.

5. Channel Trailer

If you create a special channel trailer, you have the possibility to give your viewers a glimpse into your channel, so make it short and exciting to convince them. Show them what your main topics are and try to gain more subscribers that way.

What matters most: Images say more than words!

Alternatively you can also use already uploaded videos as your channel trailer.

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