Bücher Klaus (Julian Nussel)

Interview: Bücher Klaus (Julian Nussel)

Bücher Klaus (Julian Nussel) is an absolute book lover and blogger. Find out more about his blogging judgement in this blog post!

1. What Criteria Do You Use to Rate Books?

The writing style is important to me. Otherwise it depends a lot on the genre, a thriller has to have at
least some suspense. A romance must convey a certain feeling. I also don’t like it when the ending is
too predictable, whereas I really like an unpredictable plot twist. The protagonists and their
character traits must fit the theme, and there should be as few logical errors in the work as possible.

2) Do You Think It’s Important as a Blogger and Author to Stick to a Genre?

As a blogger, I used to read only thrillers, but at some point I realised that I was becoming too critical
and that no book was a real highlight anymore, as the works themselves are different, but at some
point, the desired tension simply no longer arises. So I decided to think outside the box as a blogger
and I’ve been very pleasantly surprised.
I’ve had both positive and negative experiences with authors. With some it worked really well to
write in a different genre, with other authors I was not so convinced by their work in a different

3) What Inspired You to Become a Blogger?

Unfortunately, no one in my circle of friends and acquaintances reads, apart from my wife. But as we
tend to read different genres, I’ve found a great way to talk about books and I wouldn’t want to be
without it.

4. What Tips Would You Give to New Bloggers and Authors?

You should enjoy blogging and writing and not put yourself under pressure. It’s not a race or
competition, but you should listen to your own feelings. You can only progress if you really enjoy
what you’re doing.

You can find more information about Bücher Klaus on his Instagram account: Instagram Bücher Klaus

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