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Pick the Perfect Book Title

The title of your book should grab readers’ attention and persuade them to buy your book. Even though finding the perfect book title is not always easy, getting your title right is the most important marketing decision you will make. When you think about titling your book, try to avoid making these common mistakes.

You don’t make sure your book title is unique

Do some research on the internet and be sure nobody has used and maybe copyrighted your book title! Type your title into Amazon or Google search box to see if it has already been taken.

Your book has a one-word title

If your book title consists of one word, it is more likely that other authors have already used it. You can pick a one-word title for your book, but be sure it’s unique.

You do not use relevant keywords

For non-fiction especially, searchability matters. You want to make sure that when someone searches for the subject or topic of your book, it will come up on Google and Amazon. So put in important keywords. You can use Google Keyword Search Tool to find good ideas for your keywords.

Your book title is too long and complicated

Titles that are too long or contain too many foreign words are not easy to remember and word of mouth does not happen.

You don’t get any feedback

Ask your friends for their opinion about you book title. Does it grab potential readers’ attention? Is it in line with the book?

Think before you pick your book title!

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