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Quote and Promote Your Book Using Images

Quote and Promote Your Book Using Images!

Images are remembered, and cause emotions! Use this to your advantage.

Images promote interactions in form of likes, retweets or shares.

Irrespective whether your goal is to gain more attention and new fans, connecting with longtime readers or raising awareness for your new eBook, a larger number of interactions causes more traffic on your page and with this brings you closer to your goal.

Statistics prove that emotional posts are followed by a higher interaction rate, and at the same time images enhance this effect and cause more interaction than posts only containing text.

Posts that involve the users emotionally, even better by containing images, can have a major impact on the popularity of your page.

Use graphics for creating images with quotes from your book to use in your social media marketing.

Tips you should take into account:

Selection of the Quote

-Make sure that your quotes are not too long – long text passages often don’t get read to the end and miss their purpose. Short and memorable quotes that create images in the head of users are a wiser choice. It can be of great help to show the quote to a friend beforehand and examine their reaction, in this way you can see if the quote fulfills its purpose.

Designing the Image

– Use images with high resolution.

– Use your book cover, the color scheme of it and/or the same font type.

– Place the name of the author and the book on the image.

– Choose an image matching the emotion you want to portrait and the genre of your book.


– Use hashtags e.g. #eBook #romance #readingtip.

– Mention the title of your eBook.

– Set a link to the eBook in stores.


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