Raffles at Lovelybooks: What Has Changed?

Lovelybooks has been an integral part of the German speaking book community for years and offers bookworms a variety of opportunities to exchange ideas and discover new books.
Particularly popular are the reading groups, in which users read a book together and share their thoughts on it. A highlight of these so far have been the raffles, where
participants had the chance to win free copies of the featured book. But there was a change at the beginning of the year: the raffles at Lovelybooks have now become fee-based.

The Change: Prize Draws Are Now Subject to a Fee.

This change means that publishers have to pay a fee in advance and purchase these in the form of credits. Only then can authors organise prize draws. At the same time, this makes access
more difficult for self-publishers. As a book distributor, Nova MD would like to continue to offer its customers this marketing opportunity and has decided to co-operate with Lovelybooks.

Nova MD: Exclusive Lovelybooks Partner for Self-Publishers

Nova MD is the first and so far only book distributor to enter into a partnership with Lovelybooks to enable its authors to continue organising prize draws. Nova authors can book individual credits via their customer account and use them directly for a rea ding round with a prize draw.

Advantages of Raffles at Lovelybooks
Raffles at Lovelybooks Offer Numerous Advantages, Both for Authors and for Readers:

1. Increased Visibility

Raffles are an excellent way to introduce a book to a wider audience.
By taking part in a prize draw, more readers become aware of the book, which increases its reach and visibility. Since the prize draws are now subject to a fee, it can be assumed that fewer
authors are organizing them. This has the advantage that the prize draws are more exclusive and therefore visibility increases even more.

2. Engagement and Interaction

Reading groups promote exchange and discussion about the book. Participants can share their opinions and impressions, which leads to a lively and committed dialog. For authors, this can mean valuable feedback and a stronger bond with their readership.

3. Authentic Reviews

Readers who win a book in a prize draw are often motivated to write honest and detailed reviews. These reviews are an important guide for other potential readers and can have a
positive influence on the purchase decision. These reviews are often not only published on the Lovelybooks platform, but also on other sites and stores, such as Amazon, Thalia, your own Instagram account and much more. Due to the exclusivity and the reviews you collect with the raffles, you have good chances of entering the Lovelybooks Top 20 book charts.

4. Promotion of Selfpublishers:

Thanks to the cooperation with Nova MD, self-publishers have the same opportunity as established publishers to publicize their books via prize draws. This supports independent authors to make their works accessible to a wider audience and to advance their careers.


The switch to paid raffles at Lovelybooks marks a significant change, but also brings new , but also brings new opportunities. Thanks to the cooperation with Nova MD, self-publishers can continue to benefit from the advantages of Lovelybooks prize draws. For authors and publishers, these prize draws provide a valuable platform to promote their their books, receive feedback and build a dedicated readership. Readers can continue to look forward to exciting reading rounds and the opportunity to discover and win new books.

Here you can find an overview of all current reading groups and book raffles.

You have never organized a reading round or raffle at Lovelybooks? Here you will find a few tips.

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