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Short Tip: Seasonal Keywords

Keywords are a very important part of eBook marketing. Most of the time, you choose keywords before you publish your eBook according to its content and genre.

It is also recommended to think about which words a potential reader would type into a shop’s search bar to find a new book.

In any case, keywords can be updated any time after the release. This is a great advantage that can be very helpful when it comes to marketing campaigns.

During certain seasons, a couple of keywords become very popular and are typed more often into online shops’ search bars.

Here are a few examples:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • New Year’s Resolution
  • Christmas
  • Holiday reading
  • Frankfurt book fair

Changing keywords during these events can be very profitable. Do not forget to think about the content of your eBook when selecting your keywords – if you choose “Wintercrime” for a love story, you would miss the point.

You want to change your keywords? Then contact our support team.

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