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The Pitfalls of Artificial Streaming

Have you recently had your music removed from Spotify or other streaming platforms? This is undoubtedly a frustrating situation. But before you rush out and buy streams to boost your numbers, it’s important to understand why it’s not the right way to go. Authenticity should always be at the forefront of building a loyal fan base.

The Risks of Artificial Streams

Platforms like Spotify have made it clear that buying streams through third-party advertising not only violates their policies, but can also negatively impact the visibility of your music. Spotify specifically warns against the use of such services and points out that it can result in the complete removal of your music.

Consequences of Stream Manipulation

We strictly adhere to the policies of the Digital Service Providers (DSPs) to which we make your music available. This means that there are clear consequences for suspicious activity such as artificially generated streams: Your tracks will be removed. Spotify also takes strict measures against stream manipulation to protect the integrity of the platform and ensure fair remuneration for artists.

Protecting Streaming Integrity

Spotify invests significant resources in detecting and removing manipulated streams. This is done to ensure fair compensation for artists and to protect the integrity of the platform. Artificially generated streams not only undermine the efforts of genuine artists, but also lead to significant revenue losses across the industry.

The Real Cost of Illegal Streaming

It is estimated that billions of dollars in potential revenue is lost each year due to illegal streaming. This not only affects individual artists, but also creates unfair competition and financial instability in the music industry.

Authenticity Is Key

In the face of these challenges, it is vital to focus on authenticity when marketing music. Instead of relying on purchased streams, artists should aim to interact organically with their audience and build genuine relationships with their fans.
In short, buying streams is not worth the risk. Stay true to your art, nurture your fan base and let your music speak for itself.

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