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Tumblr – A Platform for Creative Thinkers

Have you ever heard of Tumblr?

Tumblr is a versatile blogging-platform with a creative community. This makes Tumblr ideal for you as author, if you want to grow your fanbase. You can present yourself on this platform in an easy and direct way and introduce your eBook to the creative and well connected Tumblr community.

A Tumblr account isn’t connected with any costs, is easy to manage and can be creatively and individually designed just to your liking.  Posting content doesn’t take up a lot of time, which can be very helpful if you haven’t got time to write an entire blog post. Tumblr is especially fitting for content like videos, animated images, pictures, audio and short text passages, all the above mentioned content can be created and posted in few minutes.

Since Tumblr is available as mobile app, you can even post and connect with your fans on the go. The Tumblr community grows by the day and consists of creative thinkers, artists, bloggers, as well as authors and you can gain their attention for you and your book.

Here you have our tips to get more readers:


You should consider well which name you select as your username, as it will be part of your blog URL. It is recommended to choose your author name, or the name under which you publish.

It is important that the name shows a connection to your eBook and displays a certain recognizability. Fill in the information in your account with thought behind it!


Tumblr has a huge spectrum of design templates that you can use. In addition to this you can also upload your own headers. Also, the uploading of a professional author portrait can be very helpful.  You’ve already got your own author blog? Then, it is recommended to adjust the design of your Tumblr page according to your author’s blog.


Feedback is one of the most important points for every author. Discussions and comments run over Disqus, signing up for this service is quick and simple. Disqus has the advantage that comments are easily moderated!

Book Promotion

Think about what content you want to share beforehand. It is recommended to post something new every couple of days – this will ensure that your readership stays interested and keeps up with the posts on your page. Here you have a few examples:

1.  Quotes: Post passages of reviews of your book, quotes from discussions about your book on blogs, positive feedback you received or even quotes directly from your book.

2. Videos: Upload your book trailer or other videos which are connected with your work or themes that are brought up in your book.

3. Images: Post your book cover, images from your eBook or pictures that inspired you during your writing process and portrait the mood of your book. Quotes from your book connected with powerful images can also be very interesting for your readership.

4.  Links: Share relevant links to articles that you wrote yourself or were written about you.

5.  GIFs: You want to reach as many readers as possible? GIFs, i.e. animated images, are one of the most popular ways to tell a story. They are fun and people love sharing them with their friends.


If you are new on Tumblr, first of all look for blogs that you enjoy reading and follow them. Comment on their content, share posts you liked and have fun. Start promoting your Tumblr page on your social media channels daily. At the same time, don’t be overly promotional, if someone likes your content, they will follow your page and like your posts themselves.

It can be helpful to look for inspiration on Tumblr pages of other authors. Besides, don’t forget to add fitting tags to your posts – this will help users find your page.

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