What Do I Have to Consider When Packing My Goods?

No matter if the goods are shipped to us or you run your own store, the good packing of your goods is very important in both cases.

Due to the transport of the goods (books, CD’s, etc.) it can unfortunately always come to damage, so it is important to pack the goods as well as possible, so that this does not happen.
This can also avoid some complaints.

The following points should be considered when packing goods:

  • Do not make packages too heavy
    If packages are too heavy, they often cannot be handled properly by the transport service provider and this can make it more likely that they will be damaged.
  • Use enough filling material
    It is not necessary to use special filling material, old paper or other packaging material that was included in another delivery is sufficient. (It would be important, however, that it cannot stain the goods or make them dirty, e.g. printing ink on newspapers).
    Sufficient filling material keeps possible damage more than if the commodity is protected only by the cardboard.
  • Put goods away neatly
    When the goods are placed in the box for shipping, it is also important that they are placed neatly in the package so that the goods do not damage each other in transit.
    Here, it would be important to note:
       – No hollow space in the package
       – Spines of books should face outwards (towards the carton)
       – Place goods horizontally in the package

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