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Your Artist Bio

As an artist, you need a great bio. A bio can describes who you are, where you come from and what music genre you produce. A bio can be also seen as an opportunity for you to promote your music and tell your story. How can you write a snappy bio? Here are a few tips.

  • Be fanciful — music is a form of art, after all.
  • Give your bio a personal touch to make it sound more personal and unique.
  • You need to be convincing. Present the facts – let people know about your upcoming releases, tour-dates, band line-ups, etc.

Also, include a touch of humor or mystery in your writing style. Ask a friend or journalist/writer/music enthusiast to write your bio, so you can have an outsider’s perspective. You can always edit your bio afterwards. Read your favorite artists’ or band’s bio for inspiration. In a bio, it’s all about sharing information, but be careful not to include irrelevant information or details. Try to find a balance and write different versions of your bio you can use for different purposes.

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