A+ Page: The Perfect Tool for Your Individual Amazon Product Page

If you have been publishing books for a while, you are probably familiar with the A+ Page on Amazon, but even as a newcomer you have probably already seen it on Amazon, from the customer’s point of view.

The A+ Page is an Amazon tool that can be used to add further information and image elements to any type of product. As a customer, you can find this in the mobile view of Amazon, i.e. directly from the smartphone, in the first place before the main description of the product. In the browser view, the placement is below the description texts.

But what are the advantages of the A+ Page for books and how do you make the best use of it?

The Advantages

If a reader buys a book directly in a local bookshop, they can get a very precise impression of the book. They can pick up the book, read it, browse through the pages and ask the bookseller for advice. This way, they can get a comprehensive impression of the book before they buy it.

When buying online via Amazon, this is more difficult. This is where the A+ Page comes into play!

It offers the reader the opportunity to “browse” online and get a detailed picture in advance. The more detailed the customer’s impression of the book is in advance, the more likely they are to buy the product and be satisfied with their order.

This insures a number of advantages from which you profit as an author:

– Higher sales

– Better reviews

– A lower returns rate

– A higher conversion rate

– Higher SEO effectiveness

– More success with Amazon Advertising

The Implementation

You can think of the A+ page as a construction kit. Various image and text elements are available that can be arranged in different ways. This makes it possible for you, as an author, to put together an individual product page to suit your book. For example, if you are the author of a cookbook, you can add pictures of your finished dishes; if you are the author of a fantasy novel, you can add a map of the setting and an introduction to the characters; or, if it is a book series, you can introduce other volumes.

In the case of books with a special feature, such as an embossing or an unusual cover, it makes sense to show this here.

Despite the individuality that is possible, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

– Make sure that all images are of good quality and not pixelated.

– If you use font on an image element, make sure that it is not too small and that it is readable so that it can still be seen on the mobile view.

– Do not duplicate images or text. If an image is already in the listing as an interior view or a text as the main description, it offers no added value for the reader to find them again on the A+ Page.

– Pay attention to correct grammar and spelling in your texts to ensure a professional appearance.

– If you refer to an award, e.g. a “Spiegel Bestseller”, give the date of the award.

– Do not include time-related information such as now/new/the newest/now on sale/the newest product/the best of all time.

– Make sure your A+ Page looks consistent, this is where a colour scheme can be helpfull.


Here are some good examples of A+ pages:

Janina Uhse | I LOVE VEGGIE

Der Junge mit dem Krokodil im Bauch

Vielleicht nur diese Nacht


You can find further pointers for your Amazon listing here.

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