Matthias Matting, Autor, Journalist, Selfpublisher, Gründer der Selfpublisher Bibel

Interview with “Selfpublishing Pope” Matthias Matting

Matthias Matting is the “Selfpublishing Pope” par excellence. Why? He is the founder of the Selfpublisherbibel, bestselling author and selfpublisher, journalist, former chairman of the executive committee of the Selfpublisher Verband and not least physicist. To date, he has written more than 50 books and launched them on the market as a self-publisher, is the author of the official Amazon bestseller 2011 and was the program manager for eBooks at the Munich publishing group. We met Matthias Matting for an interview to ask him about his tips and tricks for self-publishing:

When and Why Did You First Come in Contact with Selfpublishing?

In 2011 Amazon launched “Kindle Direct Publishing” in Germany. As a journalist, I had to try out this new approach on business. My German Kindle handbook became the bestseller of the year, and I’ve stuck with it.

What Are the Main Advantages of Selfpublishing?

I can publish what, when and how I want. There is no one to talk me into something. That’s really liberating.

Are There Any Areas Where You Would Recommend Other Selfpublishers to Use an External Service?

As a self-publisher, I have to act like a publisher. They also have their service providers for certain tasks. For me, that means editing and cover graphics. But ultimately every author has their own strengths and weaknesses. If you have graphics talent, you might do the cover yourself, but let a professional do the e-book conversion for you.

Do You Have Tips for Other Self-publishers – Especially If They’re Working on Their First Book?

Anyone who starts self-publishing needs patience above everything else. The first book is rarely a bestseller. But you should start to establish contact with your readers from the very first book. The best marketing tool is an e-mail newsletter.

In Retrospective – Are There Things You Would Have Like to Have Known Before Publishing Your First Book?

No, it makes life interesting if you learn new things.

Which Advertising Material or Which Social Media Channel Do You Use Most Often and Find Most Helpful?

I already mentioned the newsletter. What is equally important is that if a book doesn’t sell so well, don’t try to change it for months, but rather write a new book. Patience pays off.

How Do You Estimate the Future of Self-publishing in the Book Industry?

In ten years, we won’t be talking about self-publishing any more – because it will have become quite normal to bring your work on your own into the book trade.

What Do You Hope for the Future of the Book Industry?

More openness on the part of the local book trade would be great. I know the problems that traders are facing but I believe that self-publishing is a part of the solution. Do not leave this path to the big players!

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