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The Perfect Time for a Press Release & Social Media

We all want more attention and reach in the digital and analog world. But how does one archive that? And, above all, when? There are days in the year that are particularly interesting for you and your project to reach the full potential. Use Awareness Days and Commemoration Days Each year there are many awareness…
Matthias Matting, Autor, Journalist, Selfpublisher, Gründer der Selfpublisher Bibel

Interview with “Selfpublishing Pope” Matthias Matting

Matthias Matting is the “Selfpublishing Pope” par excellence. Why? He is the founder of the Selfpublisherbibel, bestselling author and selfpublisher, journalist, former chairman of the executive committee of the Selfpublisher Verband and not least physicist. To date, he has written more than 50 books and launched them on the market as a self-publisher, is the…
a group of young people taking a selfie for instagram

Top 6 Tips for Musicians on Instagram

If you want to be successful these days, you can hardly avoid social media. Instagram, in particular, is growing and growing and is, therefore, a great opportunity for online marketing. Why? You can stay in contact with your followers directly, you don’t need expensive equipment and you can present yourself as “real” person. At Instagram you…
a group of young people reading books

How to Self Publish a Book with Print on Demand?

Print on demand… what exactly is that? When you publish a book the classic way, you have it produced in a certain number of copies and then gradually sell your copies. With the PoD method, it’s the other way round. You first sell your book and then have it produced. So you don’t have to pay…
TCM-Arzt Georg Weidinger und sein Bestseller-Buch "Der Goldene Weg der Mitte"

Interview With Dr. Georg Weidinger

Dr. Georg Weidinger is not only a successful physician with his own practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vienna, Austria, but also a bestseller author and of course a self-publisher with his own publishing house. We asked Georg Weidinger about his experiences as an author: When and Why Did You Start Writing? I write medical…
hacker stealing data online, binary code

eBook Piracy – How Do I Stop And Combat It?

eBook piracy is always a tiresome topic that writers and self-publishers have to grapple with. Still, this should not be a reason to stop writing or publishing any more eBooks. We’ll show you how to protect yourself against the illegal trading of eBooks. What Is eBook Piracy? There are platforms on the Internet that offer…
woman subscribing to a youtube channel

How to Get More YouTube Subscribers – Instantly!

Today, we have a little trick for you on how to easily get new YouTube subscribers – instantly! Edit the Link to Your Youtube Channel Add this extension to your channel link: ?sub_confirmation=1 Then the link looks like this: Shorten the Link The link is now relatively long, but optionally you can shorten it…
wire basket with books in it on white table with lavender and a cup of tea

The Power of Images – How to Get More Attention for Your Book

Images and visual vocabulary are some of the most important means of communication. As an author, you are used to creating images in your reader’s heads. But when it comes to advertising, oftentimes words are not enough. On Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram images play a big role, especially Instagram is made for…
Autorin/Coach Melanie Holzner

Interview with Author and Mental Coach Melanie Holzner

Since Melanie Holzner has always had excellent communication skills, she decided to turn her passion into her profession. Over the last years, she made a name for herself not only as an author but also as a mental coach. That is because she not only loves to write down her own stories but loves to…

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