Vermarkte dich und deine Musik mit Instagram!

Marketing yourself on Instagram

Do you make music but have no idea how to get it heard?
We’ve got some tips on how to use Instagram to increase your reach.

1. Active use

As with all platforms, regular and active use is key. Actively post photos, stories and reels online.

Post: Regularly add new posts to your content, post photos of you, your gear, live performances,
collaborations and of course always a bit of your life. Fans love the personal touch.

Stories: Short videos that stay online for 24 hours. The videos are about 15 seconds each, but can
now be posted as a single video of up to 60 seconds. They are a great way to draw attention to your
posts and reels, but also to interact with your followers, for example with polls or reposts.

Reels: Can be up to 90 seconds long. Perfect for telling your fans a little more about you and your

2. Authenticity

Stay true to yourself. Keep it real! Try not to pretend. This will make it easier when you meet your
fans in person, because you don’t have to play a role, you can just be yourself.

Be as open and communicative as you want to be.

3. #Hashtags

Photos and posts are optimised for the search box using hashtags. Crosscheck your hashtags using
the search box from time to time.

For example, if you produce music such as techno and tech house, you might want to stay away from
the hashtag “#Tech” because it will show you tech tips such as how to repair a mobile phone or
upgrade a PC.

Use line breaks in the descriptions of your posts and reels to separate the hashtags from your text
and make them more visually appealing.

Optimal number of hashtags:

35 hashtags are common on Instagram, 4 hashtags get the most hits in searches, 712 hashtags give
you the most growth for your follower numbers.

Hashtags can be divided into 4 categories. Here are some examples:

1. big hashtags: #techno #techhouse

2. niche hashtags #HouseMusicAllNightLong

3. Instagram hashtags: #TechnoOfInstagram #InstagramDJ

4. brand hashtags: #feiyr #feiyrblog.
For example, you can use a hashtag related to your label or the label you publish on.
Or company hashtags as part of an advertising partnership.

4. Mentions:

You can add mentions with the @ symbol. For posts and reels they go in the description, for stories
you add them to the image or video with the text function.

Use the mention when sharing content with other artists or when sharing collaborative material.

The artists will automatically receive a message that you have mentioned them. Some will share your
posts, creating a winwin situation.

5. Reels:

Shorter reels are generally better because they are repeated more often and are considered more
important by the algorithm.
However, Instagram has introduced 90 second reels. Here are a few examples of how to use them:

DJ Mix Clips: Longer transitions like house or techno; your top 5 speed mixes; scratch DJ routines; 4
deck performances.

Tour Diary: Whether you’re a solo artist or a band, you can also use your live performances on social
media, try to capture and package as many impressions as possible.

Behind the scenes: Show scenes from the studio or how you prepare for a gig.

Production breakdown videos: Clips and highlights of your production process in the studio.

Playlist Style Videos: Create a small playlist of 5 tracks and play the highlight from each. Either in the
DJ mix or as a cut on the computer with a funny or stylish video. Fade in the tracks so your followers
know what music to expect when they come to see you perform.

6. Call to action!

Sites like Spotify have the ability to link your releases directly from their platform to Instagram.

Be communicative and write something like “give me a heart and a follow on Spotify” in the
description. This also applies to all other streaming platforms.

Encourage your followers to make videos with your release. Check out other artists who are doing
this successfully.

Ask questions in your descriptions to create interaction with your followers. You may also find a DJ,
dancer or influencer in your community.

You may be able to ask them to help you with your next release.

7. Plan thoroughly!

Find one day a week to plan your promotion for all your social media. Take time to brainstorm and
work on your content.

Think about when and how you will go live, and what you will do while you are live. Choose an
activity where you can interact with your followers.

You can also plan how you will spend your week. Will you be travelling or performing in another city?
This can be put to good use. Make a checklist so you don’t forget anything important.

You can divide your posts into 4 sections: Prerelease, release, postrelease and daily life. This will
help you to distinguish between your everyday content and your release content on the different
platforms and to plan them carefully.

Combine all the steps to make the most of your music.

More tips to promote yourself: Top 6 Tips for Musicians on Instagram

In this spirit, good luck and finally, an inspiring quote:

“The art of making plans is to anticipate the difficulties of carrying them out.”

~ Luc de Clapiers

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