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Metadata – A Part of Your Success

Creating metadata isn’t probably one of the most interesting parts of the releasing process of a book. Nevertheless, it is a very important one.

Metadata has an important impact on the success of your book as well as on its positioning in shops. In the following article, you will find helpful advice on creating metadata.

Think about how readers might search for your book in shops, through which criteria and which keywords. Have the following topics in mind when creating metadata.

What kind of book is mine?

A novel, a novella, a non-fiction book, a short story?

What genre is it?

Adventure, romance, fantasy, politics, erotica, or maybe a detective story?

What is the theme of your book?

Love, romance, family, war or relationships?

A fitting selection of the genre is not only helpful for readers but also relevant for the listing in shops. Have in mind that the more specific your genre is, the more likely you are to be placed in a bestseller list, as there is less competition in sub-genres.

The next important point is the selection of a title.

The following bullet points should apply to your title:

·         Do not use special characters.

·         Do not use eccentric spelling.

·         Portray the content of your book.

·         Gain the interest of your readers.

Title and cover are the first thing future readers will see when they read your book – make sure they are as inviting as possible. If you manage to capture their attention, they will head on to the description.

The following information should be included:

·         Author, title, genre

·         Theme, characters, and writing style

·         Target group, location, time

Have in mind that your description shouldn’t be a list of keywords only. It is important that, after reading the description, future readers want to know more about your book and so they decide to buy it.

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