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Peter Kunz a.k.a. Morris Jones is a German producer whose dance and deep-house sounds have been in the club and DJ charts for many years. His latest release “MJ2” includes 12 catchy songs. We have interviewed Peter Kunz/Morris Jones asking him to tell us more about his music and his marketing strategy.

What importance do you attach to social media channels?

For artists, social media represent an easy and direct way to interact with their fans and keep them up-to-date. On social media, feedbacks are unfiltered. Also, staying in touch with my fans is a daily source of motivation for me.

You founded your own label “Rocky Beach Music”. Why did you make the decision of founding your own record label?

Before I was releasing on a label, but I wanted to be free to manage everything on my own. I am fiery and very ambitious. I cannot expect everyone to be the same as I am, that is why I think the current set-up is easier and more effective.

What kind of marketing strategies you use to promote your releases?

In addition to my social media channels, I have been working with CO2 for a long time; they manage all my club and radio promotions. Besides that, 4MA steered the radio promotion of my three latest singles and of my new album. I also rely on another PR agency for print media management. Long story short, there is a lot of work involved, but you got to do what you got to do to get your music noticed.

What are the most important sources of income for you – streams and downloads, CDs or live gigs?

It is the sum of all of them. However, it is undisputed that live gigs are more important than streams or downloads, because if you want to make money through Spotify and other download and streaming services, you need to have a big fan base.

In September this year, you released your album “MJ2”. What is next?

Now I need to slow down – producing an album in times of hit singles is a strenuous effort. First, I will remix the tracks on the album creating single versions and then in 2017 I will surely come up with something new. Find out more about Morris Jones: Facebook Morris Jones Official Webseite YouTube His new album “MJ2” ist available on Amazon.

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