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Optimize Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is quite important for musicians nowadays.

How do you design a channel that is worth following?

Read the following tips and make the most out of your YouTube channel.

Channel Design

The first thing that your fans will see is your channel page. Here, it is important to provide all the information needed to give a clear idea of your channel identity.

You can customize it and make it individual to promote your music.

Your channel banner is the picture that runs along the top and will appear across all devices. You can use it to promote your latest event or advertise an upcoming release.

On your channel page there is also a channel trailer. People who have not subscribed to your channel yet can view the video, so that is a place for you to display what the channel is all about.


If you want your subscribers to keep watching your videos, you should be active. YouTube homepage is personalized and tailored to the videos that users have watched. The more active channel managers are, the higher the chance they have to be featured on the homepage.


Timing matters – you need to have a timeline for creating and publishing your content to develop an engaged fan base.

Maximize Your Samplers

Use your top tracks to generate interest in your upcoming events and releases. Trailers and sampler videos can be used to generate anticipation.


Metadata is essential. Relevant metadata is title, description, and tags. Title should give a clear idea of what the video is, description goes a little further in depth and should list social media links, tags should be a comprehensive list of every single tag that is relevant to that video.


In the era when music fans have a huge amount of content readily available, playlists have become more and more important. If you make a name for yourself as a playlist curator, you will probably get more views on your YouTube videos.

YouTube analytics allows you to see how many views a certain playlist of yours is getting and what kind of watchers you are attracting.

Audience Engagement

YouTube is an interactive platform, so if you want to build your audience and develop repeat viewers, you need engagement.


Promote your YouTube channel through other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to drive engagement to your channel.

Sell Your Products

Use your channel to push subscribers and viewers to buy your products (i.e. tickets, downloads and merchandise) elsewhere. Links to iTunes or to other download stores where your music or merchandise can be purchased are essential.

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