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Promotion & Online Marketing Tips for Authors and Musicians

If you are a musician or author who does online marketing activities, you can’t get around Social Media if you want to promote your latest release. Feiyr offers you a great range of promotion tools and we constantly develop new ones, so your marketing is always state of the art. Today we will show you how you can use Feiyr Link-it! to easily promote newest release or book publication.

What Are the Advantages of This Promotion Tool?

Feiyr Link-it! is a promotion tool that gives you the possibility to combine all shop links into one, so you have a short and compact link, you can share on your social media channels, websites, forums, etc. You can see an example, on how an individual Feiyr Link-it! looks like here. The advantages for you are as follows:

  • Your fans/readers can get to their favorite online shop with only one click, which increases the chances that they buy your release/publication.
  • You get statistics on the click behavior of the users. That way you can learn from previous marketing campaigns and optimize them. You can also see, which shop links were clicked the most, how often your Feiyr Link-it! was opened and you even get information on the retention time of the user.
  • You can link similar products, which the user might be interested in and generate more sales that way.
  • The statistics are always up to date.
  • The usage of Feiyr Link-it! is of course for free.

But that’s not all. Our promotion tool can do even more:

Promotion & Social Media

  • You can link your social media channels to gain more traffic and respectively more likes and followers.
  • Users, who clicked on your link, can share it directly from the user interface onto their timeline. That is an easy way to further promote your release and increase your reach.

And the best of all! Via a widget, you can embed Feiyr Link-it! onto your website so you can show your releases and publications on your own homepage. You can use it as kind of  “online shop” without the need for an eCommerce shop system. Or you can embed them into blog posts, book presentations, landing pages, etc.

There are different kinds of versions, how you can display Feiyr Link-it! on your website. Further below you can see them displayed so you can choose the best fit for your website. You can choose among the following adjustments:

  • horizontal or vertical view
  • background color
  • show cover (yes/no)
  • show shop links (yes/no)
  • the width of your cover

If those adjustment options aren’t enough for you, you can make further changes via CSS, so it fits your website perfectly.

If you have your homepage through Feiyr, the widget will be automatically added to your homepage.

Here are a few examples, how your “CD shelf”, or “bookshelf” could look like:

Latest Posts



This is how your “CD shelf” could look like

This is how your “book shelf” could look like

More Promotion Tools

You can find an overview of our other promotion tools here. If you want to get a more in-depth view, you can set up a Feiyr account for free and test our service.

If you have further questions, you can also contact our professional support team.

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