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Self-Branding for Authors

What is self-branding?

A “brand” is a set of marketing and communication methods to distinguish your product and its characteristics. In other words, “self-branding” is the process of establishing a prescribed impression in the mind of others about you and your product. If you know your strengths, you can use them at your own advantage.

Your brand is, in a way, your promise to your readers. How can you create your own successful self-branding strategy? Here are a few important things you need to know:

  • Choose the rights words and subjects that can be associated with your works. People looking for certain contents on the internet will use specific phrases and word combinations. Through branding, you can market your presence online so that people can find you and your books. Through Google Keyword Tool, you can find out whether you are using the right keywords and search terms or not.
  • The content, appearance as well as the pages of your website should be adequately designed to comply with your genre.
  • Being recognizable is important – use always the same picture and similar character styles.
  • Draw inspiration from other authors whose style matches your brand. Look for blogs and websites that you might like and develop your own ideas.
  • Communicate actively with readers and fans. Learn from others, give feedback and stay professional to negative feedback.

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