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Snapchat for Authors

You are tech-savvy and have fun testing new communication tools? Then, you should definitely use Snapchat and discover new marketing strategies. On Snapchat, you can promote events, answer to your readers’ questions and do many other things. Snapchat is an app where posts are only available for a short time before they become inaccessible. In fact, your 10-second-posts (“Snaps”) are deleted after 24 hours. Why should you create content that will be deleted after it has been viewed? Here is why.

You want to be seen

Unlike Facebook, Snapchat does not have a timeline or algorithms sorting posts by relevance. Your snaps are compiled into chronological storylines accessible to your friends and followers. Relevant content is therefore important to increase long-term engagement. Make sure you cross-promote your Snapchat presence on other social media channels encouraging your followers to add you on the platform.

You do not need to schedule your posts

Since your story is available for 24 hours, there is no best time of the day to post something on Snapchat. Based on your views and screenshots, you can analyze user interactions and decide when to post your snaps.

You do not need an expensive equipment

To create your content, you only need your smartphone and a good internet connection. Content on Snapchat can be edited to include filters and effects, text captions and drawings.

Your readers are young

Snapchat is very popular among young users, even more popular than Instagram or Facebook. Therefore, authors who write books for children and teens should use Snapchat.

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