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This is How You Can Organize Your Writing Time

If you want to write and publish your book in a very short time, you need a well-thought-out schedule as well as a good preparation.


Before start writing your book, you should firts collect ideas. Since ideas can come from anywhere at any time, you should always bring something to write on with you. In this way, you can write down your ideas as they come before your forget them. Try to organize them in a structured way.

Organize Your Writing Space

Choose your own private corner to write your books. Keep your workplace uncluttered for minimum distractions, i.e. choose a room where there is no television or landline phone and turn off your mobile phone while you work, as you do not want your phone to start ringing right when you have a good idea – do you? You also need internet access to do researches. If you have the possibility, use sticky notes to organize yourself and not to lose track of your work.

Take Your Time

Make the time and space with your writing as regularly as you can. Inform your family and friends that you will not be available during this time and hang a do-not-disturb sign on your door asking people to respect your space. Creativity needs a lot of uninterrupted space and time to brew.

Take a Break

The only way to keep concentration is to take regular breaks. Go out, breath some fresh air, eat something or do relaxation exercises – they will all help you find the focus you need. Set goals and at the end of the day reward yourself for working so hard!

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