Copyright Terms in the Music Industry

In the following article you can find the explaining of the most important copyright terms in the music industry.

1. Copyright

Copyright – The legal right to decide on the use, reproduction and distribution of a piece of music. The copyright law is aimed at protecting a music piece and its creator, it also protects the economic interests of the right holders, who do not have to be identical with the creator, in the exploitation of a music piece.
Please also see our licence agreement

2. Royalty

A fee paid for the use of a copyrighted piece of music. Link to price list

3. Sampling

The use of excerpts from an existing piece of music in a new piece of music.

4. Fair Use

An exception to copyright law that allows copyrighted material to be used without
the author’s permission if it is used for critical, educational or satirical purposes.

5. Creative Commons

An organisation that provides alternative licensing terms for creative
works, including music.

6. DRM

Digital Rights Management is a system for protecting copyright and controlling the
use of digital music.

7. Public Domain

A legal status of a creative work that is no longer subject to copyright
restrictions and can therefore be used freely.

8. Takedown Notice

A letter sent by a copyright owner to an online platform requesting the
removal of a copyrighted piece of music.


The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a US federal law that governs
copyright terms in the digital world.

You can also find out more about photographic copyright at the following link: Making Photos of Copyright Material

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