Fehlerhafte Musikveröffentlichung Incorrect music release

Incorrect Music Release – Tips and Tricks

The joy of finally publishing your own music online is indescribable. But despite careful preparation, unexpected errors can occur that can jeopardise your success. Here are some tips on how you can rectify mistakes.

1. The Artist’s Name Is Spelt Incorrectly

The correct spelling of the artist’s name is crucial for the findability and recognisability of your music. If you realise that the name was accidentally spelt incorrectly when it was published, there are ways to correct this error.

If this is your first release, a correction is particularly advisable. However, caution is advised if you already have several publications online. A name change can lead to followers and statistical data you
have already gained disappearing from your arti st profile. Please note that a new artist name also creates a new artist profile in the online shops. If you still want to change your name, do the following:

1. Create a Contributor:

Create a contributor with the correct artist name in your Feiyr account.

2. Request an Update for the Release:

Request an update for the affected release, replacing the contributor in the release data. Don’t forget to update the track data as well.

3. Be Aware of the Waiting Time:

The online stores need a few hours to a few days to process the update. During this time your release will be moved to the new artist profile.

4. Save Your Artist IDs:

To ensure that future releases end up on your correct artist profile, save the artist IDs accordingly.

2. The Music Is on the Wrong Artist Profile

Your music is online but linked to the wrong artist profile. First publications are particularly often affected by this . The music is assigned by the online stores. If the artist name is exactly the same or very similar to an existing artist profile, your music will be automatically assigned to that profile.

Fortunately, digital distribution platforms and your distributor are prepared to correct such errors. To correct incorrect artist profile assignments, you can fill out a form and send it to your distributor. You
can find the form in your Feiyr account here . Please note that the change can only be requested by the distributor through whom you originally released the music.

To ensure that future releases end up on your correct artist profile, it is advisable to store the artist IDs in your contributor. This step will ensure that the automatic mapping in online stores is accurate
and that your music appears on the correct arti st profile. In this way, you can ensure that your artistic identity is correctly represented online.

3. The Music Is Not Available on My Favourite Site

If your music is not available on a particular site, there could be several reasons. The first thing to check is the lead time of your release. The lead time refers to the time between the release and the
official release date of your release. The portals need this time to process and validate the data. A lead time of 3-5 weeks is recommended.

Another reason could be that some portals only offer music in certain genres. Check their website to see if they carry your genre.

Also check that you have submitted the release to the desired portal during the publishing process. During the publishing process you will be given an overview of the portals you can submit to. If your portal is not listed or there is a note to that effect, your music has probably not been delivered. You can find this information in the details of your release.

If you’ve checked everything and still don’t know why your music isn’t online, contact your distributor through the support team. They will be happy to help and can usually check this quickly.

4. A Misspelling in the Data

If a spelling error has crept into your title or other data, it can often be corrected with an update.

For most metadata, you can request an update from your distributor. Metadata is the information you enter into the system yourself.

Check your distributor’s FAQ or contact support to find out if an update is available. There is usually little cost involved.

5. The Unmastered Track Is Wrong

The quality of the music is very important. If the WAV file was accidentally swapped when uploading and the unmastered track was uploaded instead, or if you notice that the quality is very poor when listening to the online stores, the track can be replaced with an update.

However, please note that as soon as you edit or remix the track, it becomes a rework or remix. You will need a new ISRC and will need to rewill need a new ISRC and will need to re-create the track. You cannot add new tracks to your release at a later date, you must publish a new release.

6. The Cover Artwork Is Wrong

Your focus is on your music, but as soon as it’s online you realise how pixelated the cover artwork really is. You can read about the importance of cover artwork in our blog post.
Basically, the cover should always look professional and should not be blurred or pixelated, even when viewed at full size (100% zoom). If you notice this after publication, you can upload new cover artwork via an update.
If you do not have the ability to create such a cover yourself or have it created, please use our Graphics Service. You can place an order directly from your account here.

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