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Content Strategies for Your Youtube Channel

Behind every successful YouTube channel is a concept and a strategy. In addition to the appearance and content of your videos, the frequency of your postings plays a very important role. Basically, a distinction is made between three different content strategies.

1. Hygiene Content

It refers to videos that satisfy a specific need and usually do not lose relevance and make everyday life easier for your viewers. Typically, these include so-called “problem-solving videos”. In short, Hygiene Content is, at best, a video that provides answers to search queries.
The priority here is the frequency of uploaded videos. The more content you have on a specific issue on the platform, the more hits you can generate for relevant searches.

Examples of hygiene content:

• Q & A videos
• Tips, etc … (if you’re a coach, motivational speaker, etc. for example)

2. Hub Content

These are videos that are uploaded regularly at a fixed time. The videos should be produced in your own distinctive style, serve the interests of the users, and make the viewer subscribe to your channel and actively support you. The most successful factor here is a weekly cycle. You should place the broadcast date clearly visible on your channel.

Examples of Hub Content include:
• Vlogs
• Behind the Scenes

3. Hero Content

The absolute highlight of your content! Publish videos for a special occasion or event. These videos should stand out from your other videos and attract many users to your channel so you can attract new subscribers.
Examples of Hero Content:
• concerts
• readings

Think about what you want to achieve with your channel and find the right strategy and concept for it. Hero Content brings new users to your channel and increases your reach with high attention, Hub Content serves the interests of users on a regular basis, and Hygiene Content uses them as the base material for your channel.

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