A man presses a button to start music or a video. Digital music distribution is symbolised. Ein Mann drückt einen Button, um Musik oder ein Video zu starten. Der digitale Musikvertrieb wird symbolisiert.

Digital Music Distribution – 20 Most Important Terms

The digital music distribution is diverse and complex!

In this blog post, you will learn about the 20 most important terms in digital music distribution!

1.      Digital Rights Management (DRM)

A system for controlling and limiting the use of digital content such as music, movies, and books to prevent copyright infringements.

2.      Metadata

Information such as title, artist, album, year, and genre that is associated with a music track/release and is useful for publishing, managing, and searching for music.

3.      Platforms / 3rd Portals

An online service where music can be distributed, streamed, or downloaded such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Feiyr

4.      Royalties Accounting/Statistics

Payments made to artists and rights holders when their music is streamed or downloaded on a platform.

5.      Streaming Rates

The number of streams of a title and the basis for calculating royalties paid to rights holders.

6.      Aggregator

A service provider that enables independent artists and labels to upload and distribute their music on various online music services and streaming platforms.

7.      Upcycling

A process of re-releasing existing music titles to enhance or create something new.

8.      Discovery

The process of discovering new music through listeners, either through personal recommendations, algorithm-based playlists, or curators.

9.      User-Generated-Content (UGC)

Content created by users, such as cover versions or remixes.

10.  Influencer-Marketing

The collaboration of musicians or record companies with influencers on social media to promote their music and increase reach.

11.  Pre-Save

A marketing strategy where a link for an upcoming release is created that enables fans to save tracks in their music playlists before it becomes available.

12.  Curation

A selection of music chosen by a curator based on certain criteria.

13.  DSP

Digital Service Provider, a company that offers digital music services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and Feiyr.

14.  API

Application Programming Interface, an interface that enables data and features to be exchanged and integrated between different applications and systems.

15.  Sync Licensing

The permission to use a music track in conjunction with visual material, such as films, TV shows, or commercials.

16.  Geoblocking

A technology that allows platforms to restrict access to music in certain countries or regions.

17.  Mastering

The final step in producing a music track, in which audio quality is optimized to ensure it sounds good on various playback devices.

18.  Music Genome Project

A database that categorizes music based on over 450 musical features such as key, instrumentation, tempo, rhythm, vocal style, and harmonies to create personalized radio stations for users.

19.  Stemming

A technique where different elements of a music track, such as instruments or vocals, are separated to allow individual editing or remixing.

20.  Blockchain

Enables a transparent, secure, and immutable record of transactions and rights, reducing copyright infringement and licensing issues.

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