Frank und seine Freunde. Kindermusiker Frank Acker mit zwei lebensgroßen Puppen.

Frank und seine Freunde

Frank und seine Freunde is a children’s music project created by children’s songwriter Frank Acker. Since 2009, songwriter Frank Acker and his best friends have been touring across Germany fascinating young and old with their famous shows for kids. On his website, you will be able to find out more about Frank, the Zappeltier and Princess Mikidoo, and you will have access to a lot of music, videos and upcoming live shows.

What made you decide to become a children’s songwriter and to create “Frank und seine Freunde” (Frank and his friends, Ed.)?

I have made music for many years, played in several “Top 40 Bands”, simulated different music styles on guitar and much more. When I became a father, I started to play children’s music more and more often, and I realized that it actually makes fun to share music with children and to see how music affects their development. I turned my hobby into a business and I realized I made the right decision!

What distinguishes you from other children’s songwriters?

We do not simply write songs on guitar – the way children’s music has always been made. That is not the right thing to do when it comes to children’s music, because both children AND music keep evolving. I believe it is important that color, liveliness and cheerfulness play a role, which is why the Zappeltier and Princess Mikidoo are an integral part of “Frank und seine Freunde”.

What are the most important sources of income for you – online sales, CD sales or concert tickets?

We have been touring in Germany since 2009, and we performed many gigs, so this is our principal source of income. At our live gigs, we also sell CDs, DVDs and other merchandise. Similarly, we sell these products online too.

What makes your shows so successful?

The Zappeltier and Princess Mikidoo always perform live on stage. They bring freshness to the shows, and unlike traditional concerts, everything is much more exciting. I believe that in Germany there is no other children’s music project like this – I mean with characters that have developed their own personalities. Not for nothing, the Zappeltier has already his own personal CDs and goes alone on tour across Germany. The Zappeltier and Princess Mikidoo always perform on stage and impress the audience over and over again. At our shows, everyone is involved and invited to participate actively – not only children, but also parents, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles. “Frank und seine Freunde” is music for all the family!

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