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Funding for Musicians in Austria: Get Your Financial Support for Your Music!

You are a musician or artist and on the hunt for public, governmental or private funding? Especially if you want to record a new album or want to film a new music video, we have some tips for you on how to get financial support:

Apply at Your City/Community/Federal State

You can submit a request at your local city, community or federal state and ask for a funding of your project. Please keep in mind that there are different funding regulations, which means that each office or agency can have different requirements. Start with your search for funding early on, to make sure you don’t miss a deadline and that you fulfill all the requirements. That way you can choose the best funding authority for your new undertaking. If your production is already finished, it is very hard in most cases to get support afterwards. Concrete recording productions or freelance artists will not be funded that often, but there are still ways to receive funding or grants. You can find an overview of all Austrian states here with their guidelines and requirements, etc.

Funding Catalogue of The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria

The chancellor’s office of Austria grants financial support in the art sector. On the homepage of the Federal Chancellory you can see their current funding catalogue. Individual artists as well as groups are entitled to apply. You can see the funding catalogue here.

Grants by SKE Austro Mechana

The SKE austro mechana are social and cultural institutions that offer financial support in form of social subsidies and cultural promotions. The SKE fund is financed by the so called “Speichermedienvergütung“. You can find more information about the grant application here.

Private Sponsoring

Of course you can always look for a private sponsoring by companies or even business angels.

What Do You Need for a Application

  • Description of your project: CD release, music video, concert, etc. The more information you have the better. Also demonstrate your sales and marketing strategies. The more publicity you can generate, the higher the possibility, that you awaken the interest of a potential funding authority.
  • Budget preparation: Many funding bodies require a detailed list of your income and expenses (aid money, CD sales, concerts, etc.). Your list should show, that your project is not possible without any fundings. Therefore always keep all invoices, to have needed verification.
  • Artist and band biography: What were your biggest accomplishments/successes? Have you ever had collaborations with other (famous) artists/bands?

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