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How to Get Featured on Beatport

Founded in 2004, Beatport has become the leading electronic music platform. We explained already how to sell music on Beatport. In this article, we will tell you how to increase your chances of being featured on the site.

If you want to be considered for a feature, you need to plan weeks ahead – deliver your release at least four weeks prior to it being live on Beatport.

Your fans will see your cover art before they listen to your music, so make sure to get high quality release covers. A high-quality cover art will not only help you get more fans, but it will also help you get a feature or a banner on Beatport, which will see that you have a strong branding.

Get help from a professional graphic designer to design your cover art.

Make sure you do a good record – take your time to polish your sound. For example, you can master your track with our mastering service. Find out more about that in your Feiyr account.

Beatport does its research and supports artists who have a solid social media presence. Make sure your social media networks are up-to-date – if not, it is better for you to close the account you are no longer updating.

Promote your music as much as you can – reach out to bloggers, friends and producers, start conversations with your fans and follow up. Beatport’s best indicator to assess the success of a release is the amount of plays on SoundCloud, so you’d better grow your fan base on the platform.

Build a solid network of contacts that will support your music.

Beatport’s staff pick releases for features themselves, so distributors cannot know if a release has been selected or not. Check the site regularly to see if yours was featured.

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