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How to Promote Your Music Video

Music videos require a lot of time to produce – so it is a shame if no one ends up watching them. How do you get people to watch your video? We made a list of things to do when your video comes out:

  • Build hype around the video by scheduling a premier on your website. If you do not have one, you can premier it on a local site.
  • Another way to build hype is to write a press release – you can use our press service to distribute your press release. § The easiest and best way to promote your music video is email marketing. Sounds familiar? We already talked about this in a recent article.
  • Be active on YouTube. Comment and like other videos of your friends and similar homies in music. It leaves the opportunity for someone to click on your page.
  • Send videos to people – in this way, your video will get shared and people will watch it again and again.
  • Post your video on Facebook and tag people to encourage them to click more on your content. Also, use Facebook ads to have direct views on what is happening and how many clicks per $$ spent.
  • Ask your friends to like and write comments on your video. This keeps those other people who come across excited to engage.

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