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How to Successfully Sell Books/eBooks | The 10 Best Tips | Part 2

In our blogpost “How to Successfully Sell Books/eBooks | The 10 Best Tips” we already showed you 5 tips on which marketing strategies you can use to increase your book sales. Here is Part 2 of our 10 best Tips on how to successfully sell your books and eBooks:

Special price for the release

When you release your book/eBook, you can set a special price for a certain amount of time. In that way, you can improve your ranking in the online shops like Amazon. Your book will be also shown to more customers so you can generate more sales. Again, use your social media channels to promote the special price.

Choosing the best keywords

A very important factor for the success of your book/eBook is the right keywords. However, why are keywords so important? Imagine – someone heard of your book from a friend but cannot remember the title. They still know the main character or the location where your story takes place though. Other times, readers don’t look for certain books; instead, they browse around and look for books in genres like phantasy, or for stories taking place in Ireland, as an example. If you choose the right keywords, your book/eBook is more likely to pop up on someone’s screen. Also, keep in mind to use seasonal keywords like “Christmas”, “Easter”, etc.

The right title and cover

Your cover and title are the first impression of your book or eBook, so both of them should be inviting. Furthermore, you should consider the genre of your book, when you work on your cover design. A high quality and professionally designed cover is essential, so a potential reader feels intrigued to read your book. For thrillers you should use darker colors, lighter and pastel colors are best used for novels. Please also keep in mind to use a title that is unique and hasn’t been used yet.

eBook or printed book?

You just cannot decide if an eBook or printed book is the best way to sell your book? Why not do both? That way, you can cover both groups of readers and reach your full potential. If you sell your printed book through Nova MD, it will be listed in all major book wholesale distributors like KNV, Libri and Umbreit. All bookshops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can place an order with these wholesale distributors. Additionally to your book, you can sell eBooks with Feiyr to more than 160 online shops worldwide.

Work on your public relations

Simply, be out there and show yourself and your work to a public audience. Go to book fairs, do public readings, give a talk as well as autograph sessions. Not only can you personally get to know your fans, but you can also generate more sales. The most important and famous book fairs are the Frankfurter Buchmesse, the Leipziger Buchmesse in Germany as well as the Buch Wien in Austria. You can also go to other events like the Self-Publishing Days to network with your colleagues and to get to know your branch of business.

We hope you have a lot of success with your books! Besides, we would be happy to work together with you as your sales partner.


If you want to read 5 more tips, click here to see part 1.

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