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How to Write a Great Press Release

Writing a press release or doing public relations work is very important and an easy and quick way to attract the attention of media and journalists. But since journalists get a lot of press releases every day, your press release has to stand out from all the others. How do you manage it? We’ll tell you!

Why Even Write a Press Release?

The purpose of a press release is to reach journalists from national or international media – not the end consumer! In the best case, the editors then take over the press release on their online portals, online magazines, newspapers, etc. So you are represented on many platforms within a short time and can reach so many end users to promote your latest publication. This way many people learn about you and you increase your popularity. The ultimate goal is to get more attention and new buyers, but in the first step, you have to convince the media world of yourself.

No Advertising, Please!

A press release should not be seen as classic advertising. Primarily, your target audience are experts, journalists, branch market players and decision makers, who want to be informed in a factual and objective manner. You are addressing consumers and end user only then, when the media spreads your press statement.

Journalists read press releases on an every day basis and realise pretty quickly if you are trying to hide an advertising message. Avoid phrases like: “Buy my new bestseller/hit album now!” Those probably work on social media, but are a no-go in those kind of releases. Your ultimate goal is to get media to publish your press relase 1 : 1. That is why the wording should be more neutral. Superlatives and adjectives should be avoided as well.

You Are The Star – Not Your Product!

You have released a new book or album and want to tell everyone about how great it is. You can also do that on social media. But with a press release, you are the star. Journalists don’t want to sell a product for you, they want to tell interesting stories. You had a special event in your life and that’s how you came to music or writing? Be sure to tell us about it! Put yourself and your special skills in the foreground. What do you have to offer? What do you have what others don’t?

The Perfect Title

Put yourself into the position of a journalist, who reads press release after press release. They simply don’t have the time to read them top to bottom, so it is essential for you to make your title and marketing teaser stick out. Write a title that is catchy, short and to the point. It should be promising and contain the core element as well as important keywords.

The subtitle is an addition to the title and describes the topic also in a short way.

First Things First

It is best if you skip a long and boring introduction and come straight to the point. The beginning should contain important keywords and answer the six  following questions:

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Structure of the Main Text

Keep it short and simple! Your text should be short and sweet. Avoid foreign words or sentences that are too long and structure your text. Limit yourself to a half or full page (DIN A4) and always remember your target group: expert audience. Also consider the hierarchy of your press release: Start with the most recent news that motivates to continue reading and answer the above mentioned questions. You can highlight the most important information bold or cursive.

The Right Style

A press release should be written objectively and professionally. Also remember to write in the third person, if you write your press statement yourself. But to mix things up, you can use quotes. You can also mention opinions of third parties, facts or even studies, if you have sources.

Conclusion/Additional Information

Since you can’t and you shouldn’t write about all details, it is important that you have links ready to give the reader the possibility to get more information. A link to your own website is the best solution.

And last but not least: Let somebody proofread your press statement to avoid mistakes.


With Feiyr you can easily publish your own national or international press release. Here you can get more information about our other promotion tools. You still have questions? Please contact our support team.

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