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Increasing Sales with a Sales Campaign

The numbers of your eBook sales have decreased? You are running a promotion campaign at the moment? You have released the latest part of a book series? A sales campaign could be the right thing for you.

You can start with a sales campaign or change your price for good at any time after your release.

The only thing you have to do is to send  a support message or an email to the Feiyr team. We will change the price for you.

But in which cases does a sales campaign serve a purpose?

A sales campaign should be thought out carefully and advertised. A cheap eBook doesn’t automatically get bought. A sales campaign only fulfils its purpose if you advertise it.

If you’re releasing the next part of a series you could set the price of the earlier parts to a lower price. This can draw the attention of new readers to your series and they may also read the latest part.

With the help of a little advertising a sales campaign can increase your overall sales, this will help your book raise higher in the bestselling lists causing it to be seen more often and finally concluding in more sales. This effect can even continue after the campaign.

If you choose to change your price – and it isn’t intended to stay that way – you shouldn’t have the campaign running longer than two to four weeks.

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