Interview with Publisher’s Representative Wolfgang Brunner

What Is Actually Your Job as a Publisher’s Representative?

As a publisher’s representative, I present books to the booksellers, who then decide how many copies of each book they want to buy. I usually communicate with the owners of smaller bookstores and, in the case of larger stores, with the buyers responsible for certain book categories such as fiction or non-fiction.

How Do You and the Booksellers Use the VLB-TIX?

For me, VLB-TIX is the central communication platform with the book trade. VLB-TIX has become standard among large and modern booksellers, at least as a source of information.

What Do Booksellers Look for When Buying Books?

Booksellers are interested in the wide variety of their offer and the sales potential of their books. To estimate this is not an easy task with new publications. The decision is determined by the originality and presentation of the book, the size of the target group, the media and advertising activity and, last but not least, the appeal of the authors. Of course, booksellers also have their typical customers in mind when making these considerations.

Print Previews Have Recently been Replaced by the Vlb-Tix. How Do You See This?

Central buyers handle the purchase of novelties almost exclusively via VLB-TIX, while print previews are often no longer accepted at all. In the bookstores themselves, print previews still have their importance, but even that is declining.

In Your Experience, What Do Booksellers Think About Self-Published Titles?

I haven’t had any contact with a bookseller who expressed concerns about self-published titles. If a book is convincing in terms of content, presentation and sales potential, then the bookseller will order it. Provided the title is presented to the trade.

What Can Self-Publishers Actively Do to Be Placed in Bookstores?

First of all, you need a good book thats content, title, cover and blurb appeal to the readership. Then it is necessary to generate attention through readings, media work and social forums. Once the authors have done their homework, I can get the book trade in direct contact with the purchasing department.

How Do You Assess the Future of the Self-Publisher Scene?

Self-publishing creates movement on the book market. Authors in particular now have more choices. As before, they can approach interested publishers and concentrate on producing the manuscript. Or they can also take on typical publishing tasks such as editing, proofreading, graphic design, determining the initial print run and publication date, selecting and commissioning a printing company as well as PR and social media. More and more self-publishers are successfully mastering these challenges, especially if they can draw from the expertise of the sales department. This opens up previously unimaginabel financial perspectives.

Do You Have Any Concluding Tips? Are There Mistakes That Can Be Avoided?

Absolute no-go’s are spelling and grammar mistakes, but also pixelated and unattractive pictures and poor print quality. It is also important to meet the linguistic style and creative preferences of the readership. A lot of attention should be paid to the cover, title and blurb, because that’s what readers use to decide to buy, along with reviews and recommendations.

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