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Keywords – The Key to Success

Do not underestimate the value of keywords, as they can boost your placement in search results. Keywords are especially important when it comes to selling books online. When you look for a certain book, you just type the name of the book and of the author to find the book directly. However, if you have already read your favorite book four times and you feel like reading something new, all you have to do is enter a few key words into the search bar of an online bookstore to find something that might be interesting for you. Bingo! There are many book recommendations for you. These books show up in the results because they include key words. When used wisely, keywords help strangers from all over the world find your books. Keywords can boost your placement in search results on Thalia, Amazon, Hugendubel and many other online shops. Here are tips to select the right keywords.

  1. Make a list of words customers might use in the search bar to find what they are looking for. What kind of search terms would they use to find your book?
  2. You do not have to use one word only; you can use a combination of words, such as “book action thriller”.
  3. Test these words at an online shop. Type them into the search bar and the most popular words and phrases will be shown in the results.
  4. You can update your keywords regularly adding new trends. Contact our Feiyr team to have your eBook’s keywords changed.
  5. If you have just written a successful book or eBook, use its title as a keyword. In this way, all customers looking for your already published book will stumble upon your new book.

If you follow these tips, potential customers will find your eBooks more easily!

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