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Music Streaming or CD in 2018 – Is the Recording Industry Dead?

“The CD is dead!” This is something we have heard a lot in the past. But is that really true? Has the classic CD really served its time? To anticipate any conclusion: No! The CD is “alive” and still an important part of the music industry. Why can it be useful for you to get your own CD pressed professionally? Let’s find out…!

The Music Industry in Numbers

In the first half of the year 2017 the music industry in Germany could generate a revenue of € 740 million. The revenue share of physical sound carriers is fat 52.5 %, which is the biggest share over all. The digital section has “only” 47.5 %, 10.3 % of it is streaming (source: Statista). The total turnover in 2016 was 1.593 billion. With 53.8 % physical CD albums had by far the biggest share. Audio streaming took the 2nd place with 24.1 % (source: Bundesverband Musikindustrie). But  the vinyl record genarated € 70 million in 2016.

Why Still Sell CDs?

Ok, we just setteld the hard facts of the CD, but there are also other reasons, why you should get your own CD pressed:

  • A milestone in your hands: It is an incredible feeling for most artists, to hold their very first CD in their own hands and see it in a CD shelf next to their favorite artists. Furthermore it shows professionalism and rounds off your kit as an artist.
  • Adding to this the fans have something to look at in their shelves. The CD can also have a higher significance than just a digital download or stream. In order to listen to a CD, you take time out of your day and listen to it more conscious, instead of just having something as background music.
  • You also have a little booklet where you can place the lyrics, further information and some great pictures, that underline your personal style and message of your music.
  • You can sign your own CD at a concert or other events… that’s kind of hard to do with a download… 🙂
  • Profit maximization: Don’t ask yourself: “digital or physical?” Combine both to appeal to both target groups.
  • An incentive to your fans to buy your CD: Give your fans a goodie, for example a free download of an unreleased title.

What Else to Consider?

  • First impressions count! Get a professional cover done that fits your personality as an artist and your music.
  • Packaging! You can choose among many different kind of packaging variants: Cardboard Sleeve, Jewel Box, Slimline Box, ProfilePac or DigiPac: Emphasize the features with a great packaging!
  • Mastering! You should absolutely attach importance a professional mastering before you get your new release pressed on a CD.

Thanks to our Feiyr CD tool, you can start with your own CD in a small edition of 25 pcs and get your music in the market. We from Feiyr make the physical CD distribution possible for you so your CD is available in all common stores (Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn, Thalia, jpc and many more). Furthermore you have the possibility to be eligible for remuneration from neighbouring rights.

Do you still have questions for our music and CD distribution? Please contact our professional support team.

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