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Pascal Voggenhuber

Pascal Voggenhuber is one of the most renowned physic mediums in Europe. All his books are bestsellers and ranked highly in the non-fiction books chart in Switzerland. Besides, they are available in seven languages. He gives seminars and courses in Switzerland and in Europe. Also, he started his own TV-show in 2013. His latest release “Öffne dein drittes Auge” (“Open Your Third Eye”) hit #1 on the iTunes Download Charts.

You are one of the most renowned mediums in Europe. When did you decide to turn your talent into your profession?

I took the decision when I was 23 years old. At that time, my father died and since my talent helped me cope with loss, I decided to use it to help other people.

What distinguishes you from other mediums?

I think that I am not so typically esoteric; I try to present people with a sort of down-to-earth spirituality. I just do what I like to do and not what people expect me to do.

Your books are bestsellers, and were translated into many languages. What makes your books so successful?

I think it is the easy and understandable language I use. This is what my readers always say to me. The language I use can be understood by anyone and is not detached. However, I cannot really explain the reason why my books are so successful – you had better ask my readers.

Do social media play an important role in marketing your books and CDs?

Yes, they play an important role indeed, especially Facebook and Instagram. Through social media, I cannot only sell my products successfully, but also feel what my fans, readers and followers wish. I do like Facebook and Instagram, because I can interact with my followers. I do this quite often and people appreciate that I post, read and answer to comments. In this way, they feel respected.

What are you next projects?

At the beginning of 2017, I will release a brand-new book. Now, we are planning my European tour for next year.

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His brand-new releases are:

“Glaub an Dich – Affirmationen für ein Leben in der Fülle”

“Begegnunen mit dem Geistführer”

“Heilung durch Selbstheilung”

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