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Releasing Music on Vinyl

The majority of music consumers believe that the future of music is digital. Nowadays, everyone can stream music on mobile and tablet, and even play it through the speakers on their TV.

In the digital era, the likes of the vinyl are obsolete. Vinyl is not handy, is heavy and cannot be shared on Facebook. That makes the vinyl revival even more surprising. Because yes, vinyl is back – revenue from vinyl rose 31% in 2015 to €70 million. Last year, 3.1 million vinyl records were sold in Germany alone.

Everywhere there are new record shops, vinyl record fairs, and charts for long-playing records. There is also the Record Store Day, where many vinyl records are sold every year.

Millennials have reverted back to the era of vinyl. The market for physical music still exists—even in an age where digital rules. By harmonizing these two, artists and labels have the opportunity to generate a growing response, and reaches the audience in a way that is much more effective.

When you release your music on vinyl, you need to put care into your cover artwork and the quality of sound. You should also have your tracks mastered. The physical quality of your vinyl record is also very important, so pay attention when choosing a pressing plant.

Now you’re probably wondering how many records you should make. Despite the resurgence in vinyl popularity, keep in mind that vinyl is mainly used for promotion. Therefore, as an indie-artist you should order small batches of records and sell your limited editions at a high price.

How long does the process take? Vinyl takes between 12 to 25 weeks to manufacture. If you know you are going to do an album or compilation release, pay special attention to titles and side lengths before you place your order.

If your release is a good fit for our portfolio, we can assist you in pressing your music on wax AND in distributing it. Your vinyl release will be then sold on and distributed worldwide. You can get more info about our service in your Feiyr account.

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