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Rose May Alaba

Rose May Alaba has just released her brand-new single ‘Love Me Right’ on her own label, “Rose May Music”. Rose May is David Alaba’s sister, but she is way more than just a family member of a famous Austrian football player. In this interview, she talks about herself, her family and her greatest passion – music.

You have just released your new single, ‘Love Me Right‘. What is this song about? What is the message?

The message is ‘love yourself as you are’. Stay as you are; it doesn’t matter what people say.

Your father, George Alaba, has worked in the music business too. Has he influenced your music career?

Yes, of course. Both my parents are an inspiration to me. My mother’s family is very musically inclined. My music career has been influenced by my grandparents too. Music has always played a key role in my life.

Do you think social media and PR are important for music marketing?

Yes, they are, mainly because both young people and adults are extremely active on social media. I use social media to show everyone who I really am, as I am not only “a girl behind a microphone”.

Your brother is the football star David Alaba. What is it like to be a celebrity’s sister? Do you mind being identified as “the sister of”?

I am very proud of my brother. In my opinion, he has achieved something incredible. I owe him a lot, but I also think I am talented. I have been making music since I was six. I have always known that I wanted to become a singer. So my answer to your question is no, I do not mind being identified as David Alaba’s sister, because this reminds me of what my brother has achieved, and he is an inspiration to me.

Your first single has been produced by Rodney Hunter (a famous musician and DJ, Ed.). What was it like to work with him?

Rodney is a super producer and DJ. We complete each other, and we understand each other on a deep level. He always knows what I mean. It is just fun to work with him. He just rules.


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Watch her latest video release “Love Me Right”

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