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Waterfall Release with Feiyr.com

Did you know that with Feiyr you can easily release your album using the waterfall strategy?

But what is a waterfall release?

It means that you don’t release new songs all at once, but in “stages”.

First you release a single with e.g. a new song, followed by other singles with a new song + the song
you used on the first single. You can repeat this (almost*) as often as you like before finally releasing
the full album.

This strategy allows you to keep the attention of the listeners for a longer period of time and to make
the fans curious about the next releases. It also gives you the opportunity to gather feedback from
fans and the music industry and make any necessary adjustments before the full album is released.

Overall, the waterfall strategy is a popular way to plan music releases and maximise fan reach and

How does this work with Feiyr?

1. you create a release with only one song and release it.

2. after a period of time of your choice, you create a new release, upload a new song to Feiyr and add
the song from the first release in step 5 of the release. It is important that you do not upload the
song a second time, but use the existing track that has already been released. This way the same ISRC
will be used again for your release under a different EAN.

3. you can repeat step 2 (almost*) as often as you like, just add a new song each time.

4. finally, release your album, add all the tracks you want from your released singles and upload all
your unreleased tracks for the album. Make sure that the majority of the tracks on your album are
unreleased. This will ensure a smooth delivery to all stores.

5. once you have released your album, you can delete all the previous singles if you wish. But you
don’t have to. Your streams and downloads are calculated based on the ISRC, so they will always be
the same for the track, no matter how many times it has been released.

*almost: Some portals have a rule that if an album consists mainly of tracks that have already been
released, it cannot be declared as an album.

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