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YouTube Content ID is a simple and yet complex way to manage content and copyright on the video platform. At the same time, Content ID enables copyright owners to identify videos that include content they own. Read this article and find out more about Content ID and video monetization.

To easily identify and manage their content on YouTube, copyright owners can use ‘Content ID’. Content owners can submit their files to YouTube’s database. Videos uploaded to YouTube by third party users are scanned against this database of files. When the system detects a match, copyright owners can make one of the following decisions to take on material they own:

  • Mute audio matching their music
  • Block the whole video
  • Monetize the video by running ads against it (or sharing revenue with the uploader)
  • Track the video’s viewership statistics

Content ID is a powerful tool for artists and labels, as it allows them to control and monetize their content on YouTube.

Not everyone can use Content ID though. On the one hand, there are specific criteria to be met. On the other, your content must be submit to YouTube by your certified YouTube Partner. Here service providers such as Feiyr come into play. If you distribute your tracks through Feiyr, you can to submit your files to YouTube’s database and use Content ID. As a YouTube partner, Feiyr manages over 900 channels. Find out more about Feiyr’s partnership with YouTube in your account, connect your channel with our network and get more advantages!

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