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Engage and Impress Your Fans Using Images

Think about it – when you scroll through Facebook’s newsfeed, what Facebook posts get your attention – photo posts or plain text posts? Social media posts that get the best engagement are photo posts. To make the most out of your social media strategies, read our tips and create engaging photo posts.

1. We live in a connected world, where everything happens quickly and it is important to be persuasive. This works best if you address users’ emotions. The best you can do is use images; they are always effective and never go out of fashion. However, you should keep in mind that every platform is different, so you’d better pay attention to a few details.

2. Pinterest is a photo sharing social media platform. On Pinterest, you should pin aesthetically pleasing pictures with a size of 735 x 1102 pixels. However, it is not all about pictures – it is also important to write a useful and relevant description and to add hashtags (e.g. #Feiyr). References to your blog, your homepage or your book are definitely not out of place. Here you can find out more about Pinterest. Instagram is another mobile photo-sharing site and is the ideal platform for marketing your books using nice pictures. In opposition to Pinterest, Instagram is increasingly used by private individuals. Also, the application gives you the possibility to edit your pictures and to use filters. You want to find out more about Instagram? Then read our blog post. Here are a few tips for using Instagram and Pinterest: – Add #Hashtags with relevant keywords (e.g. #selfpublishing #Feiyr) to your description. – Link other profiles to your pictures (e.g. co-authors, illustrators). – Add a shop link to your bio where your latest book can be purchased or a link to your homepage.

3. Do not underestimate the importance of formats. Content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is displayed in one column, so landscape format is best suited in this case. On Pinterest instead, you should upload pictures in portrait format. Portrait shaped pictures should be uploaded to Instagram too. Also, be consistent when you design your profile – if your profile has a harmonious appearance, users will be more likely to follow you.

4. You can use free programs to edit your pictures achieving good results without having to spend too much. Online you can find good offers such as Picmonkey or Pixlr. However, the easiest solution is to edit pictures on your smartphone directly before you post them. You can easily download free photo editor apps such as VSCO Cam, Whitagram and Snapseed.

5. A baby left unobserved creating havoc in a house, or a cat with big wide eyes – both evoke smiles, address our emotions and remain in our memories. Think about how to engage your fans emotionally. You want to make them laugh, give them food for thought, amaze them or make them dream? Think about that and choose the image best suited for achieving your goal. Also, you should introduce everyday situations your fans can relate to.

6. Obviously, before you start you should deal with social media and look for useful tips. However, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” Just try to understand what makes your fans go wild, what pictures they like and at what time of day they are online. However, most of all, think about what makes you go wild.

7. Despite all your strategies, authenticity is the key. Stay true to yourself! In this way, you will act genuinely and people will feel closer to you. That runs like a golden thread through social media.

8. Our next tip goes hand in hand with our tip #7. Stock photos represent an easy way to post beautiful pictures, but pictures you have taken yourself are unique and more authentic. Pay attention to the quality; bright images are better than dark and pixelated pics. You can use the abovementioned programs to create nice pictures. You need more time to create your own pictures, but it is worth it!

9. Our last tip is self-explanatory. Have fun experimenting and stay flexible. Good luck!

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