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Detroit-influenced deepness, no-nonsense techno, sophisticated jazz-house variations and electronic playfulness – these are the musical cornerstones of the Linz-based label HouztekkThe project was launched around 20 years ago, in the garage of one of their grandmothers. Since the early nineties, these progressive free thinkers have not only demonstrated their overriding passion for music, but also a keen sense of new trends in club culture.

What distinguishes Houztekk Records from other record labels?

I would say our release policies – we see our artists and our discography as a kind of “universal artwork”. Yesterday we released an experimental 7’’, and then a club-oriented techno vinyl. Today we are releasing dialect-pop music for our lunchtime-radio, and tomorrow we will launch a hardcore bass for the deepest underground sounds. This does not mean that there is no difference for us, but in our way, we try to be just like the label is – varying and challenging. Houztekk was founded 22 years ago, in 2008, and this treasure trove of experience plays a role too.

Can you single out your most promising artists?

Akjela – SHE was the singer of Thomas D., Lena Meyer-Landrut or Gregor Meyle. HE was the drummer of Peter Cornelius.

Mussurunga – the group consists of young men of make up “Brutalo-Kunst” and very physical performance group “Fuckhead”.

I would also say “Ritornell” formed by Flying Lotus’s virtuoso drummer.

The future projects of “!MMM” might be interesting as well.

How did you discover artists and bands who are under your label?

The majority approached us. We also listen to demos if they are presented in an exciting way.

What marketing measures do you use to promote your releases?

Everything and nothing – we invest a lot in radio promotions and Facebook. Also, we promote our releases through live gigs. Currently, we have TV spots going on. Another time, a new release is out and we are saying, “Hi, here is our new record”.

What are the current trends of today’s club culture and how does your label respond to them?

Current trends are secondary for us. Our DJs are responsible for that.  Our responsibility as a label is to be a trendsetter!

Find out more about Houztekk Records:

Label Homepage

Houztekk Records on Facebook

Akjela – Steh Auf


Ritornell – The Morning Factory

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