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How to Get Your Song on a Popular Playlist

Playlists have become one of the most important promotion tools in the digital music industry. If you want to land one of your songs on a big playlists, you first have to learn how to create your own effective playlists. When you know how to build your playlist presence, your playlists and songs will be more likely to get the attention of important playlist curators.

For example, if you want to create a playlist on Spotify, you need to be a verified artist so you can display and promote your playlist right from your artist page.

If you want your playlist to show up in a search on Spotify, you have to make it effective:

1) Build playlists around your interests. Select the tracks according to your music taste. If you’re enthusiastic about your playlist, you’ll make it awesome.

2) Update your playlist regularly to build expectation among your followers.

3) Spotify’s algorithm can downgrade a playlist that is too heavily weighted towards one artist. Choose only one song per artist.

4) Choose one of your songs and nestle it among other great tracks. Start with 25-30 songs and add more on a regular basis until you have 60 songs.

5) Cover artworks matter, so provide your album with a professional cover.

6) Describe your playlist using words, genre descriptions, and artist names that listeners will be searching for.

7) Your playlist name is also very important – choose a creative one.

8) Promote your playlist by sharing it on your social media channels. Also, whenever you add a new track, tag the artists on social and reach out via Facebook, Twitter, or email to notify them.

9) Ask your fans to save a song from your playlist to their own playlists – this will be your playlist to show up in Spotify’s search.

10) Last but not least, embed your playlist on your website. In this way, your songs will have a better chance of getting a big playlist placement.

  • Go to the playlist page on Spotify
  • Scroll down to “Copy embed code”
  • Paste that code into your website

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