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Inspiration for Authors

Do you know that moment when you sit in front of a blank page and nothing comes to your mind? Never doubt your abilities; even popular authors know this moment. What is to be done if you lack inspiration in your life? Sometimes it helps if you just put your pen away and do something else for a couple of days, in this way you can distract yourself. However, if you want to overcome writer’s block immediately, these tips might be of help.

Be Open to New Subject Matters

Try something new, because brainstorming is often a process that goes round in circles and has conceptual approaches that we know already. Get inspired by new subjects. You will see – inspiration is waiting for you, and you can find it everywhere. Go with a friend to a cinema that you personally would have never picked or go see museums and exhibitions you have never been interested in before. For once, do not eat at your favorite Italian restaurant; try the Indian one around the corner instead. Soon you will realize that there are new subjects to write about, you just need to be open to new possibilities.

Play With Words

It is an easy game which is called semantic intuition. Write down a list of words that come to your mind, select similar meanings for these keywords and combine the found synonyms in a way they can be used meaningfully. Create neologisms that can generate new ideas. Create your own world of words and write down a list you can always go back to when you lack inspiration. This is especially helpful if you write fantasy novels.

Everything Old is New Again

Every day, many interesting things happen – not only in the present, but also in the past. Lay actual best sellers aside and dig out your old novels, biographies and classics. Possibly, you might come across things that are topical again and serve as a basis for discussion. Get inspired by forgotten statements and perspectives from the past and carry them to the future.

Never Without an Index Card

Do not let spontaneous ideas fall into oblivion – have your index card always with you so you can write them down. Also, place a few index cards all over in your house. Because you never know when inspiration might strike. Write down quotes by celebrities as well as your best friend’s quote. When you lack inspiration, you can get back to them. You will be surprised to see how many ideas you can come up with.

Nothing is More Inspiring than Nature

You gasp for air when you have cabin fever, so you take a walk to clear your mind. Try to think about something else or not to think at all. Simply going somewhere else will do to help you have new ideas. Make your favorite café or a nice quite park your new workplace.

Always Remember

If you do not set goals for yourself, you cannot achieve anything. Set a deadline for the completion of your book, in this way, you will be more focused and have your objectives in front of your eyes. Write a plan describing your line of thoughts and ideas to keep track of your tasks and subject matters. Do not forget – there’s no such thing as unnecessary work!

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