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Founded in 2007, the Nasswetter Music Group specialises in jazz, world music, gospel, pop and rock. We interviewed the label founder Michael Nasswetter to find out more about his successful project.

When and why was the Nasswetter Music Group founded?

The NMG was founded in 2007. We wanted to produce Solid Gospel’s CD – a band whose members are friends of mine and did not have a label at that time. We did it without knowing that NMG could become a successful record label.

Are there any remarkable productions and artists in your catalogue?

Well, actually all of them. When it comes to awards, Bassiona Amorosa is the one that stands out. The ensemble’s album “boundless” won the ECHO Klassik 2014 in the category “Klassik ohne Grenzen” (“Classical Music without Boundaries”).

Lisa Wulff from the Lisa Wulff Quartett was nominated in the “Best Instrumentalist of the Year Bass/Bass Guitar” category at this year’s ECHO Jazz.

Other remarkable artists in our catalogue are Ecco DiLorenzo, Pecco Billo, the members of St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, and our successful children’s book series “Matze mit der blauen Tatze”. In the end, all our productions and artists are unique in their own way.

How do you search for music trends that might be interesting for your label?

Honestly, I do not search at all – we are lucky because our artists recommend other artists.

Your record label specializes in certain music genres only (i.e. jazz, world music, gospel, pop & rock). Despite the diversity, what is your leitmotif?

We deliberately do not have a leitmotif. Music is multicolored – so we decide together with each artist how and where we can help.

Jazz, classical and world music CD sales remain rock solid. To what extent is digital music distribution important for your record label and how has its influence changed over the years?

Digital music distribution is becoming more and more important – and that applies to the genres you just mentioned too. For us, digital music distribution is a key ingredient for bringing our products to market. Our turnover has been growing over the last few years.

Do social media marketing and PR play an important role in your music promotion strategy?

They do indeed. We use social media a lot to promote our music.

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