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Pinterest: A Source of Inspiration and a Marketing Tool

More and more people use the world of Pinterest as a source of inspiration, among them a large number of authors. Pinterest is a combination of a search engine and a social network like Instagram or Facebook . Users can collect images and videos regarding certain themes with a description on virtual pin boards.

The community of Pinterest is growing by the day. With over 100 million users worldwide Pinterest is one of the biggest social networks. More and more authors use this platform in order to increase the interest in their books and gain inspiration for future publications. Pinterest can help you as author in two ways:


Pinterest isn’t only a marketing tool, it can already help you during your writing process. Images that are a source of inspiration to you can get collected on private pin boards and help you during your research process.

If your story is set in a certain scenery for instance, you can create a pin board with pictures of similar landscapes or locations, this can then help you later on when trying to describe the setting of a scene in your book.

The creation of a pin board representing the mood you want to portray in you book is also a great option.  If you want to get into the right mood while writing you just have to open your pin board and get inspired by it!


With public pin boards you can bring attention to your book and gain new readers. With pin boards that portray a theme which is also an element of you book you can increase the attention of users that are also interested in this element. They will have a look at the images you collected and their interest will get drown to your book. In most cases the marketing on Pinterest will not be direct but nevertheless it will be effective.

Another great advantage on Pinterest is that the platform can easily be connected with your other social media channels, you can share images from you pin board on for instance Facebook or Instagram, which will enable you to be active on more than one platform at once.

Don’t forget to add catchphrases, descriptions and shop links to you images, in order to gain more readers.

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