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Reading circles as a marketing strategy

If you host reading circles on a regular basis, you cannot only gain valuable feedback, but you can also promote your book and receive first reviews.

Organization of a reading circle

It is best to organize your reading circle around the release date of your book, or shortly after. To host them you can use several different platforms. Either you use facebook, or specialized platforms like: lovelybooks, leserunden, watchareading, wasliestdu or (English) goodreads. The participants should be provided with your book. You can either host a giveaway for your reading circle on your facebook fanpage. This way you can promote your book and you can gain new followers for your fanpage. Keep in mind, that not all of the participants might post actively and regularly, so it is recommended to giveaway at least 10 books or more. This way you can assure, that you still have an interesting and lively discussion. It is up to you, if you want to giveaway eBooks or physical books, but physical books have a better advertising effect for sure.

Process of a reading circle

Divide your book into sections for every meeting. You can either use your book chapters, or you can group several chapters into one section. Think about one or more questions to start the conversation. Make sure to be an active member of the discussion, answer questions and also react to criticism.

Advantages of a reading circle

If the participants loved your book, chances are pretty good that some of them buy one of your other books. Furthermore you can gain first reviews, which leads to new readers. The more readers like your book and post that online, the higher the chance that others buy your book as well.

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