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Stephen Janetzko

Stephen Janetzko is a German author and children songwriter. He has released over 600 children’s songs that are very popular in kindergartens, playgroups and schools. The author relies on Feiyr’s physical and digital distribution service for distributing his works. The brand-new CD “Hallo Herbst, hallo Winter” (“Hello Autumn, Hello Winter”) by children songwriter Kati Breuer was released on his label KINDERLIEDER and contains 20 songs for the dark half of the year. The CD and the book are already available.

What makes you different from other authors?

Well, every author or artist has his/her own personality as well as different education, development and experience; this is why every work is unique and focuses on different topics.  I am a children songwriter with a pedagogically oriented approach, and I write, release, publish and license children’s songs for young children in kindergarten and school age.

What kind of value does digital distribution on online platforms have for you?

It has a very big value indeed! Even though physical CDs are still important in children’s literature, I have to and I want to stay open to new possibilities for distributing and marketing my works.

You decided to self-publish your works. How did you come up with this decision? Do you think that self-publishing will catch on?

This is not 100% right, as I work with other publishers and cooperate with labels and distributors via licenses. I am always open to new possibilities if they bring something good and help me come up with good results.

Publishing is fun for me; it does not matter if I create CDs, books or online bundles. Since I have always written a lot and can be very impatient, I have inevitably become my own label and publisher.

What are your most important sources of income, online or CD sales?

My gut reaction is to say that they are both important. Also, I perform concerts and I give further training courses. These activities complement each other.

What is next?

I love themes, and my favorite one among all children’s theme songs is the Lantern Festival for the time around St. Martin’s Day. Several new releases are coming soon and the first ones are already available on CD, online and as songbooks.

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Der Kinderlieder-Shop (Official Website)

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